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      ATTEND 4th Annual New Media Film Festival at The Landmark . Get on the Wait List for Priority ticket notices. in Los Angeles

      • ATTEND 4th Annual New Media Film Festival at The Landmark . Get on the Wait List for Priority ticket notices. Photos
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      June 11, 2013 - June 12, 2013

      Tuesday   9:00 AM - Wednesday 11:55 PM

      10850 W Pico (@ Westwood)
      Los Angeles, California

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      ATTEND 4th Annual New Media Film Festival at The Landmark . Get on the Wait List for Priority ticket notices.



      CLICK HERE FOR 3rd Annual FULL COLOR PROGRAM GUIDE (compressed version)


       3RD Annual New Media Film Festival LA CA June 12 & 13 2012

      at   10850 W. Pico Blvd. LA CA 


      Registration In Lobby Begins at 6PM

      Red Carpet Begins at 7:30PM

      Wine Bar Drinks & Hor Dourves 7:40-9:30 (one free drink per badge)

      Doors Open 9:30PM 

      International Recording Artist Irina Maleeva will open the festival singing:

      “Crimes of the Heart,” by Amanda McBroom. At age 15, Irina was discovered by the great Federico Fellini, and performed in three of his films. In addition to playing Jessica to Orson Welles’ Shylock in The Merchant Of Venice, Irina has performed in over thirty European and American movies. She was awarded as a supporting actress by the Toronto Film Festival for her portrayal of the “demented contessa” in the film Union City. She also has guest starred or played recurring roles in such TV hits as Days Of Our Lives, The Bold And The Beautiful, Angel, Heroes and Six Feet Under.

      Irina has traveled the world with her one-woman musical comedy show, and is now celebrating her forty-year career with the release of her lush new CD, Illusions.

      "Crimes of the Heart is a true story about a friend who confessed to me one wine-filled night that she, who was over 40, had fallen deeply and inappropriately with a man in his 20s, because he was so very much in love with her, and no one had ever truly loved her before. It was a terrible relationship that almost killed her, but she has said it was worth it, for the passion."-Amanada McBroom


      3D Opening Night Films

      3D1) Afterlight - WORLD PREMIERE
      2011 | UK | 05:43 | Dir. James Uren
      On discovering life in an old photograph, a widower makes an audacious attempt to reunite with the wife he lost many years before.

      3D2) Maraton 3D - NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE
      2011 | Romania | 03:54 | Dir. Mihai Filoneanu
      An armed man is pursued by two policemen until he enters a kindergarten, where things take a surprising turn.

      3D3) War of Wars : Somme- LOS ANGELES PREMIERE                                    2012 | USA | 13:00 | Dir. Jonathan Kitzen

      On a bright sunny day in July the largest battle in the history of the world unfolded what would claim more lives in the first 15 minutes as the entire D-Day invasion and leave more than 1.5 million dead or wounded. The story is retold by current veterans, who relate their own experiences to the timeless experiences of battle. The film uses original 3D taken in 1916 and seen for the first time in almost 100 years.

      3D4) Geneva Films - Lexus - Los Angeles Premiere

      2010 | Canada | 01:00 | Dir. Geneva Films 

      A car never looked so good. 

      3D6) Cosmic Journey - 3d moving Hubble Telescope & Cassani Photos

      2011| USA | 04:00 | Dir. Jonathan Kitzen Hubble Telescope and Cassani photographs moving in 3D.


      SHORTS PROGRAM ONE (we move to the 2D theatre for this section)


      1) Ray Bradbury's Kaleidoscope - Los Angeles Premiere

      2011 | USA | 16:39 | Dir. Eric Tozzi (this will be shown in 2D)                             Hollis (Brett Stimely) pulls together the surviving crew of an exploded spaceship cargo carrier. The deeper he digs in the moments before his almost certain death, the greater his risk of discovering what matters. Are memories really worth more than dreams?

      Space is the ultimate setting in which to bring forth the loneliness we all experience.
      Everyone must confront their own secrets… and certain death.

      “…this tale shows vividly why Bradbury has been acclaimed the greatest science fiction writer of our time. “ - Time

      Director Eric Tozzi consulted with his colleagues at NASA / JPL in Pasadena to accurately depict the velocities and accelerations of the Life Pods.

      Q & A with the filmmakers then the LEGEND AWARD

      will now be presented to RAY BRADBURY posthumously. 

      "We are saddened to learn that the wonderfully gifted, talented, loving and kind man, Ray Bradbury has died. Truly a legend and inspiration for the entire galaxy. " - Susan Johnston, Founder/Director New Media Film Festival


      2) Oh The Places You'll Go - World Premiere

      2012 | USA | 07:09 | Dir. Teddy Saunders

      A spin on Dr. Suess' last book as told by Burning Man "burners". Shot on Canon 7d.

      3) Sea Pavillion - Los Angeles Premiere

      2012 | SO. AFRICA/USA | 09:40 | Dir. Marysia Makowska, Todd Somodevilla   An innocent picnic turns surreal when curiosity leads to the uncovering of secrets hidden in the decrepit yet beautiful ruins of a seaside pavilion. Filmed in eerie and picturesque Macassar, South Africa, where the dunes have half-buried a once vibrant recreation park, a young couple learn that some dark corners should not be revealed in the light of day.Shot on Canon T2i/DSLR camera

      4) African Chelsea - Los Angeles Premiere - Live Action Short (Oscar Qualified)

      2012 | USA | 10:00 | Dir. Brent Roske                                                              Raised in an abusive home, Chelsea struggles alone in Hollywood, learning how to survive. Starring Corinne Becker and Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland, with Jilon Van Over and Tosa Ogbaghado. Written, directed, shot and edited by Brent Roske.        "A wonderful film" - Norman Lear

      5) The Watchers – North American Premiere

      2012 | UK | 12:00 | Dir. Mark Bowsher

      Made as a challenge by the director to see if he could made a good and truly inventive film with no budget, filmed almost entirely in his own house, starring his housemate and using only friends and existing contacts. Shot on a 5d and a Sony Bloggie CM5 stills taken on the 5d.

      6) A Secret- World Premiere

      2011 | Sweden | 08:31 | Dir. By Dennis Petersen

      A grieving family says their final goodbyes to their seven year old son at his death bed. As the boy passes away, his little sister sees what nobody else can see. Shot on ARRI Alexa Camera.

      Opening Night Wraps after the Q & A with the above filmmakers in attendance


       Doors Open 9AM Festival ends after Awards Ceremony (approx. 11PM)WEB SERIES SUPER STAR CREATORS PANEL 9:30AM 

      See their Content, Hear their journey, Learn how to get their success & more.

      • Moderator: Stephanie Piche, CEO/EP Mingle Media TV and the Business of Webseries
      • Jane Espenson: Hugo Award winner, Emmy-nominated Writer/Producer, Co-Creator Husbands Web Series
      • Gregory Storm: Writer's Guild Nominated Screenwriter, Producer and director, Madison Avery Web Series
      • Steve Silverman: Award winning Writer, Director/Producer of the hit web series Pretty
      • Yuri Lowenthal: Executive Producer Shelf Life Web Series, Author




      New Media Film Festival screens one episode of each web series selected.

       NEW MEDIA PANEL 11:30AM  

      Experts discuss the Who, What & Why of New Media 

      How has the paradigm shift to digital effected content creation? Who are the ultimate winners? Studios, Consumers, FilmMakers? Whats next? How do you get your story out there?

      • Moderator: Bill Jarblum Film Producer Jarblum Entertainment Group 
      • Barry Goldberg 2-time Grammy nominated producer (Fleetwood Mac, Rick James)
      • Debbie Vandermeulen-Funded 3 Feature Length Films last year
      • Rob Klinger, Producer on ABC's   


                                                     SNIPLERS 1:45PM

      Sniplers – snippets of a trailer – are 30 second spots that are the stepping stones to get films funded, made, and seen in a longer format. Sniplers can be produced for any project ranging from web content to features. 

      New Media Film Festival is excited to announce a partnership with to provide exclusive content for the 2012 New Media’s “Sniplers” category. 



      1) Viral - World Premiere 2011| USA| 12:35 | Dir. Dustin Waldman
      With YouTube event Playlist Live as the backdrop, digital ethnographer Dr. Michael Wesch and various members of the YouTube community discuss the changing nature of media, celebrity and human connection.


      2) BRUTE FORCE – Los Angeles  Premiere                                                                         

       2012 | USA | 15:00 | Dir. by Ben Steinbauer   

       In 1967, Brute Force had just released his first album on Columbia Records and was on the brink of becoming a star. The Beatles championed his next single, 'King of Fuh,' to be released on Apple Records. But dreams of fame and fortune quickly turned into nightmares when the record was censored and permanently shelved. In 2010, Sony and Apple reissued Brute Force's controversial music from the sixties, giving him another chance to re-capture his dreams of rock stardom. 

       3) The Elephant Man Journey *                                                                               2011 | USA | 18:14 | Dir. Chris Gallucci                                                                                               This is not just the story of a man and and an elephant.  This story is about a person with no destination, a person with a huge hole through the middle of him. It took an elephant to fill that hole. 



      Experts discuss Distribution, Social Media and Incremental Monetization        This panel will focus on new avenues to monetize content, new platforms that are being launched to interact and monetize on a global scale. Examples of new and developing ways to get your content made, sold and seen. The convergence of TV to Web and Social Media for the people creating New Media today.

      • Moderator: Logan Mulvey, CEO Award Winning GoDigital Distribution
      • Russell Burke, CFO Mandalay Media Inc. 
      • Lon Strickland, Entertainment Programming Manager for Machinima, Inc.  
      • Josh Levine, Grassroots and social marketing executive and blogger at Rebel Industries




      1) Sadder - WORLD PREMIERE
      2011 | USA | 03:42 | Dir. Tucker Dansie
      Singer-songwriter Nik Day can't seem to make his girl anything but "sadder" in this silent film inspired music video.

      2) Perfect Two
      2011 | USA | 03:07 | Dir. Sean Patrick Cannon
      "Singer/songwriter, CEEJ writes the Perfect song for the animated feature film, HOODWINKED, TOO!

      3) Traffic in Frenetic - WORLD PREMIERE
      2011 | VietNam | 03:42 | Dir. Rob Whitworth
      Love it or hate it the traffic in Saigon is unique; this time lapse set to the fast paced Mondo'77 by Looper sets about capturing the cities chaotic beauty.

      4) Destiny Knows My Name - LA PREMIERE
      2012 | USA | 03:38 | Dir. John Errington
      . It's about realizing that 'faith defies all reason' and the ties that bind are what hold you up when life gets too crazy


      5) Dredg-The Thought Of Losing You - World Premiere

      201 | USA | 03:49 | Dir. Stephen Reedy 

      A sickly man embarks on the most surreal and painful adventure of his life: Walking across the room to give his cold hospital roommate a blanket. Kindness never dies.

      6) Tik Tok Nation

      2011 | USA | 05:27 | Director-Anais Godard

      Brad Standley & the Foxflies "Tik Tok Nation", a mash up of "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha and "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes. 

      7) Illusions  

       2012 | USA | 05:07 | Dir. Michael Pescasio , starring Irina Maleeva

      This is the story of a woman who refuses to accept the negativity of life and living through her imagination and her beautiful memories finds happiness in her own way .


      8) Bravesoul "Keyhole" - World Premiere

      2012 | USA | 04:24 |Director Collin Cates

      A woman attempts to maintain control over her relationships, and finds that her efforts are for naught when one of her victims escapes.

      9) The Narcissist from the band Harvest Bloom- World Premiere

      2012 | USA | 04:21 | Dir. Charlie Anderson and Justin Beckenheimer

      "The Narcissist" tells a story about a person who is masquerading as someone else, deceiving herself and then dealing with the consequences of her choices. 


      1) Jesus Was a Commie
      2011 | USA | 15:50 | Dir. Terence Ziegler and Matthew Modine
      Jesus Was a Commie elegantly and intelligently captures an audience desperate to understand what is happening across our country. Using unambiguous language that openly presents two swamplands America is presently bogged down in: environmental degradation and partisanship.


      2) Yosemite Nature Notes - WORLD PREMIERE
      2011 | USA | 06:40 | Dir. Steven Bumgardner
      Throughout the Sierra Nevada, high plateaus are found at elevations around twelve and thirteen thousand feet. These isolated sky islands are the home to unique plant communities that are found nowhere else.


       3) Saving Valentina -The Whale Story - LOS ANGELES PREMIERE

        Feb, 14 2011 | USA | 08:21 | Dir. Eli Noyes                                                    "Saving Valentina tells the story of 5 people put in the position of trying to save the life of a young Humpback Whale that they discovered severely entangled in a fishing net in the Sea of Cortez. Their brave effort which ended in success, was followed by a glorious surface display by the freed whale. Over 5 million viewers form around the world have viewed their efforts and enjoyed this wonderful story with a happy ending."- Michael Fishbach, Co-Founder The Great Whale Conservancy and narrator of his encounter with the 85 foot Valentina humpback whale.

      Q & A with filmmakers in attendance






      1) Actors Anonymous - WORLD PREMIERE

        2012 | USA | 08:21 | Dir. Eli Noyes

      Rehabilitating actors back into society using a 12 step program.

      *Multiple Award Winning Actress Sally Kirkland, Charlene Tilton (Dallas) Brian Krause ( Sleepwalkers) and the Director will be interviewed by Xaque Gruber - Huffington Post Wrter 


      2) Good Men - WORLD PREMIERE of Directors Cut                                        2011 | USA | 12:00 | Dir. Brian Connors                                                           Good Men stars Ed Asner (7 Emmys, 5 Golden Globes) and Mark Rydell (Oscar Nominated Director On Golden Pond ) as two elderly Jewish men who are long time friends and colleagues. On an afternoon before an Oscar party, Asner and Rydell get into a serious argument about The Holocaust, Conspiracy Allegations and The 9/11 attacks on The World Trade Center. Shot on two 5 D cameras.

      *Due to their exquisite, natural portrayal of two lifelong friends conversing, their many layers of emotion, the sense memory they use to establish that long friendship, and the effortlessness with which these two seasoned actors bring GOOD MEN to life, Ed Asner and Mark Rydell will be honored with Best Actor Awards from the New Media Film Festival.




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