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      Path of Exile Map Reference Guide 3.5 Tier 1 to Tier 5 With Boss in Long Beach

      • Path of Exile Map Reference Guide 3.5 Tier 1 to Tier 5 With Boss Photo #1
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      February 21, 2019

      Thursday   4:30 PM - 11:30 PM

      111 West Ocean Boulevard
      Long Beach, California 90802

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      Path of Exile Map Reference Guide 3.5 Tier 1 to Tier 5 With Boss

      Poe Maps will be the most important form of endgame content in Path of Exile. By placing them inside a map device, maps can be consumed to make a randomized instance in which monsters can be fought. Like equipment, they come in normal, magic, rare, and special rarities and have their own particular affixes. last we write poe how to make currency, here list boss from tier 1 to tier 5 in the blow.

      Tier 1 Maps
      Flooded Mine -Boss Caverns
      Based On Stone Golem, Summon tornadoes, Earthquake attack.

      Channel Map -Boss Aqueduct
      Based On The Hundred Foot Shadow, Powerful telegraphed Cleave. Summons bird adds.

      Atoll Map - Boss Ledge
      Based On Kuduku, Very strong Cold spells. Summons small totems that cast Frostbolts. Bring Freeze immunity to avoid being chain stunned. Boss has a deadly Ice Nova that can one shot certain characters. Ice Nova is used approximately every 10 seconds and is signaled when the boss starts releasing icy sparks (will not cast other spells).

      Ramparts - -Boss Sarn Ramparts
      Boss Based On Perpetus, Casts Ethereal Knives and Bear Trap. Be careful of being immobilized by a Bear Trap.

      Tier 2 Maps
      Dungeon,- Penitentiary Incarcerator,
      Based On Brutus, Lord Incarcerator, Physical Slam has low accuracy but hits hard. Watch out for spikes coming out of the ground

      Pen - Arwyn, The Houndmaster
      Based On Overseer Krow, Telegraphed Storm Burst attack can shotgun in close proximity. Physical/Lightning Storm Whip release 7 Lightning projectiles. Summons group of magic hounds in the first stage. In the second stage summons group of rare hounds, along with two unique hounds. These hounds have high life so be careful that you are not overwhelmed.

      Arid Lake - Drought-Maddened Rhoa
      Based On Oozeback Bloom, Chaos degen aura and Physical charge attack. Breaking Rhoa nests heals and enrages boss. Boss becomes much more difficult when enraged. Enraged boss drops more poe currency loot

      Iceberg - Torishi, Aurora-Sage; Jeinei Yuushu; Otesha, the Giantslayer
      Base On Mutewind Warbands, Group of Mutewind Warbands led by one of three Mutewind bosses. All use a variety of Cold based abilities, The Descent

      Thicket - The Primal One
      Base On Blood Chieftain, Summons small monkeys and frenzies allies. Physical Sunder attack. Will periodically start spamming Sunder which can dish out extreme physical damage if caught unaware. Just kite the boss in a circle when this starts happening.

      Armory - Warmonger
      Base On General Gravicius, Large Energy Shield pool. Weak Firestorm and Molten Shell abilities.

      Tier 3 Maps
      Graveyard - Champion of Frost; Thunderskull; Steelpoint the Avenger, Skeleton Archmage, Chatters, Ironpoint the Forsaken, Bosses have Union of Souls. Kill Steelpoint (the archer) first. Steelpoint has fast Physical Split Arrow and Strong Rain of Arrows. The other two bosses are trivial.

      Desert - Preethi, Eye Pecker, Kira, Open Storm Weathered Chest to initiate the boss fight. Boss has strong Puncture ability. Chest summons tornadoes and waves of zombies (same as in Act 9)

      Cage - Executioner Bloodwing, Justicar Casticus, Physical Lacerate attack. Channels swarm of bats.

      Fungal Hollow - Aulen Greychain, Oak, Summons Warcheif Totems and adds. Casts Immortal Call for temporary immunity to Physical damage

      Excavation - Shrieker Eihal; Breaker Toruul, Voidscream, Hammerstorm, Each boss in a separate room. Shrieker summons sandstorms. Breaker uses strong Spectral Throw and Vaal Spectral Throw.

      Peninsula - Titan of the Grove, Rock Golem, Other allies cannot die aura. Summons Stone Golems adds. Double boss is no longer a puzzle as the allies cannot die aura no longer affects the other boss.

      Grotto - Void Anomaly, Chaos Sentinel, Chaos-storm and Ground Slam attack. Summons Pocked Miners after a time.

      Bone Crypt - Xixic, High Necromancer, Necromancer, Resummons nearby minions. Casts Spirit Offering and Vaal Summon Skeletons. Focus on killing the boss over the unique skeletons as these can be revived by the boss.

      Shipyard - "Musky " Two-Eyes" Grenn Susara, Siren of Podium

      Lussi " Rotmother" Roth", Brinerot Warbands, Various Lightning abilities. Watch out for Soothsayers casting Conductivity and keep a Shock removal flask handy.

      Cursed Crypt - Pagan Bishop of Agony, Archbishop Geofri the Abashed, Similar to Relic Chambers boss. Turn off curses when facing this boss - when a curse expires he unleashes a deadly nova (damage type based on color of curse gem) which can one shot. Without curses this boss is non-threatening. He spawns spiders (including rare ones), inflicts curses (can break curse limit) and deals strong telegraphed Physical attacks.

      Tier 4 Maps

      Lookout - The Grey Plague, Plaguewing, Boss room has packs of Kitava cultists. Boss fires projectiles which leave poison clouds

      Beach - Glace, Hailrake, Spams Cold spells. Bring Freeze immunity if you have low health

      Marshes - Tore, Towering Ancient, Barkhul, Fire/Physical damage. Cyclone leaves Burning Ground. Sunder attack.

      Strand - Massier; Master of the Blade, "Calaf, Headstaver, Kraityn", Kraityn can hit hard and fast. In particular, watch out for his Blade Flurry. Calaf is fairly unthreatening as well as being easy to kite.

      Glacier - Rek'tar, the Breaker, Goatman, Five unique Goatmen begin the fight, take care they do not all leap on you at once. Rekt'ar performs a powerful telegraphed Leap Slam. After jumping for a while Rek'tar will rest giving time to finish him off.

      Lighthouse - Uruk Baleh; El'Abin, Bloodeater; Leli Goya, Daughter of Ash; Bin'aia, Crimson Rain, Redblade Warbands, Group of Redblade Warbands led by one of three Redblade bosses. Uses a variety of Fire based abilities

      Spider Lair - Thraxia, Bone Queen, Lightning projectile spray. Constantly summons Rhoas and Skeletal Beasts which deal large amounts of Physical damage and are hard to see. Boss casts Detonate Dead on revived corpses.
      Barrows - Beast of the Pits, The Great White Beast, Physical attacks - charge and telegraphed slam. When boss sits down rocks fall from the ceiling.

      Crater - Magaera, Fire Fury, Long duration Firestorms that stack on each other, keep mobile. Fire bombs which leave Burning Ground. Summons skeletons to recharge flasks

      Courtyard - "Oriath's Vengeance Oriath's Vigil Oriath's Virtue", "Imperator Statius Bitterblade, Draconarius Wilhelm Flamebrand, Compulsory Octavia Sparkfist", One casts Spark Totems and Lightning Warps, one Cyclone leaving Chilled Ground and the other Leap Slams + casts multiple Fireballs. A fight is relatively easy if you isolate each boss individually. Leap Slammer is most dangerous.

      Tier 5 Maps
      Alleyways - Calderus, Utula, Spectral Throw creates Animated Weapons. Uses Sunder and releases fire spray of projectiles

      Port - Unravelling Horror, Knitted Horror, Like a Russian doll; kill one boss, a smaller one spawns (4 times). Powerful Puncture and Blast Rain.

      City Square - Pileah, Corpse Burner, Pileah, Burning Corpse, Carius, the Unnatural, The Matriarch, Twisted Effigy, The two Matriarchs throw Magma Orbs which inflict heavy Ignites. Carius has a powerful Chaos degen which follows the character. After one of the bosses die the others enrage gaining damage and health. Recommend killing Carius first.

      Maze - Shadow of the Vaal, Vaal Oversoul, Same as Act 2 fight. Kite when the boss starts shooting laser beams. Avoid telegraphed slam at all costs.

      Mausoleum - Tolman, the Exhumer,Tolman,Act 8 Quay fight. Aggressive zombies spawn in waves until Tolman is released. Tolman detonates corpses. Red circle summons powerful enraged zombies.

      Jungle Valley - Queen of the Great Tangle, The Weaver, Spiders continually spawn during the fight. The boss appears after a while and uses a strong Ethereal Knives ability. The boss is relatively weak, with Flicker Striking spiders representing the real danger in this fight.

      Underground Sea - Merveil, the Reflection, Merveil (Both Forms), Same as Act 1 fight. The first phase avoids Merveil's cold spells. The second phase can be hectic. Watch out for the Heir of Flame and Storm when they arrive. Stay out of geysers which do large amounts of Cold damage.

      Residence - Excellis Aurafix, Caliga, Imperatrix, Throws powerful Lightning and Fire Traps. Beware of Bear trap that can immobilize you, allowing the boss to spam traps at your location.

      Gardens - Sallazzang, Plumed Chimeral, Projectile Barrage which lowers attack and cast speed. Devours nearby corpses healing life. Constantly summons Devourers (including rare ones) which provide the main danger in the fight. If you find your damage is too low to outpace the healing consider bringing a Devouring Totem or other means of corpse removal.

      Vaal Pyramid - "The Fallen Queen The Hollow Lady The Broken Prince", All the Terrifying, Kali the Crazed, Orcus the Reaver, Bosses spawn one at a time, after a delay of around 5-10 seconds. The first boss, the Whipping Miscreation is most dangerous inflicting Vulnerability and dealing with massive Physical damage. The Tentacle Miscreations buffs nearby enemies and shoots easily avoidable projectiles. The Reaver has a large AoE but doesn't deal with substantial damage. Try to kill each boss before the next spawns.

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